is science
applied in using colors for your homes, offices, and other buildings. Certain
color will generate a certain effect on your mood and feelings. In if you are
considering to redecorate your home, try red
kitchen walls

are some reasons why you should use red for your kitchen walls. Here are some
of them:

  • Make you feel welcomed

is a warm color that is believed to make people feel welcomed. Painting the
kitchen walls in red will make a very large kitchen feels more intimate. It
will also make a smaller kitchen feels more trendy. However, if painting the
whole kitchen in red feels too much, you can paint the cabinet or countertops

  • Increase
    your appetite

color tends to increase the appetite, and some experts think that red is the
color which stimulates appetite. It is
believed that this color has an effect on
metabolism and that is why red is the
perfect color for your kitchen.

red kitchen walls on all four side will sometimes feel a little
too dramatic. The trick is using the right shade of red largely available on
the market.

might also want to think about the kitchen appliances and decorations you’re
going to put in the kitchen and make sure they are a perfect match with the red kitchen walls you have.